manufacturing technology Centrifugal Casting mold

Design and manufacturing technology Centrifugal Casting mold Making China is casting a big country, but far from strong casting. Our casting process, casting quality, technical and economic indicators such as compared with the advanced countries there is a big gap, manual, semi mechanized moulding still occupies a large proportion. Similarly, casting technology and equipment in China compared with advanced countries have a big gap. Wood, wood touch is still widely used, processing of metal mold is still dominated by the ordinary milling machine, the development of new products, often because of mold design and manufacturing cycle long delays, leading to market loss. Since making enter 90 age, the huge market demand is especially rapid development of home appliance, automotive, motorcycle industry, has greatly promoted the development of China's mold industry, casting the same changes in the e these changes reflected in the design and manufacturing technology of mold and die industry: making 1) CAD by Auto the design of the widespread use of personnel;
 Making 2) CAD/CAM has been widely used in die casting industry, not only large companies, manufacturers such as FAW, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, YITUO Group, Yuejin Group, some of the rise in recent years, the township professional Centrifugal Casting mold factory, such as the number of factories in Xiangshan are used freely; Making 3) rapid prototype manufacturing mold has entered the practical stage, the application of LOM, SLS and other methods of reliability and technical indicators have reached or exceeded the level of similar foreign products, but the price is only similar foreign products 1/4 ~ 1/3;
 Making 4) high-speed machining (HSM) technology introduction mould industry, improve the precision of the mould, shorten the time of mold manufacturing. Research shows that, for the complexity of the mold in general, HSM processing time can be reduced by more than 30%. Die casting factory machining diesel engine cylinder block, the original three axis CNC machine tools, the total processing time is 50.28h, the NURBS high speed machining, the total machining time is only 6.756h;
 Making 5) CAE, reverse engineering has been part of enterprise application and achieved remarkable results. Solidification pre product development simulation optimized technology design greatly, shortened the time of the test; the use of reverse engineering, digital (CAD/CAM) method of making mold (especially complex mold) is of short production cycle, high precision, good consistency and low price many advantages.