Use and maintenance mould sand box casting

Making 1) mold foundry sand before use should be carefully check box shafts, rings, the corner of the box, the key parts of the tank wall, should stop using found rupture and damage case.
Making 2) for steel, common modeling using iron medium die casting sand box, deformation length wall allows local outward expansion of not more than 15mm, is not more than 8mm, high pressure molding and Centrifugal Casting mold sand box with a slideway not included.
Making 3) mold foundry sand closing pin and box to periodically or aperiodically inspect according to process requirements. The wear volume of more than or close to the limit value should be replaced immediately. Generally, high pressure molding machine with die casting sand box they bore wear limit of not more than 0.2mm, the wear limit not exceeding 0.15mm closing pin diameter or width. making 4) box automatic molding line Centrifugal Casting mold sand box pin and they usually need to be online check, found a slightly loose must immediately fastening. making 5) Centrifugal Casting mold sand box body positioning hole installation closing pin and box allows insert repair damage, but not exceeding two. making 6) turning positioning high pressure molding die casting sand box set and striker to replace not regularly according to the requirement of application and technology.
Making 7) closing high pressure molding die casting sand box face serious wear or damage may be repaired, but must ensure that a box of parallelism and symmetry, and the removal depth, one side is generally not more than 1.5mm (except for die casting sand box adopts automatic hook locking).