die Centrifugal Casting mold, mould frame and auxiliary equipment

High pressure die Centrifugal Casting mold, mould frame and auxiliary equipment
 Making pressure strength ≥ 0.7MPa are high pressure molding die casting. Squeeze Centrifugal Casting mold box modeling is also high pressure molding die casting of the category of non vertical parting. Die Centrifugal Casting mold design in this section are customarily referred to as high pressure molding of horizontal parting brief introduction.
 Making high pressure moulding Centrifugal Casting mold with quick change template structure template, namely the templates and template frame in two parts assembly. Design and making making 1, high pressure molding die casting template Making high pressure molding die casting of the upper and lower template is a separate drawing. Since the template size is larger, more complex structures, rarely used overall template. The template by the general board, appearance (including the core head), part of riser system, part of the exhaust system and the guide column and other parts assembled. Making (1) board material selection and structure design of Making board body material selection table. At present, the most commonly used materials are HT200 and HT250. And the rigidity request high pressure molding on board high strength. So the mold plate are used back "" out with strengthening rib structure form. Board the plane thickness is 20 ~ 35mm. The minimum width at strengthening is generally 15 ~ 20mm. See Figure combination forms of combined template. The apparent positioning board and template frame.
 Touch the floor making high pressure molding machine is generally classified as standard parts enterprises. The upper die plate is not the design of sand tire deep, but must have enough stiffness so on board height size is generally 80 ~ 100mm. The lower die plate is generally higher, the basic size according to the die Centrifugal Casting molding line casting sand mold maximum height may be required. When do not need deep in sand mold mold base, mold plate and the upper die plate and other high, but must be between the mould board and the lower template frame pad a proper height of the cushion frame. Making (2) gating system Making a certain high pressure die Centrifugal Casting molding line, generally for the pouring cup position has specific requirements. If the milling pouring cup method, at the same time without pressure lock locking mold, pouring cup position is not limited. Sprue and runner, blocking the flow of runner and sprue base seat and a filter screen seat, gate and riser, usually installed in the board or the look. The shape, size, location should meet the process requirements; materials selection, manufacturing technology, and the installation method is determined by the process equipment designers. For the convenience of assembling and disassembling and replacement of the screw is surface fixing method. But some choke gate socket because of complicated structure, often using the back fixing method. Bush for the general structure with a screw, fixation method of fig.. Making (3) exhaust system
 Making 1) other exhaust mold casting sand tire some deep, or look higher, some sand tire or appearance of root is not easy to compaction, often need to install the appropriate number of ventilation in these parts of the plug in order to improve the capability and reduce the preload pressure brings die stripping difficulty, this on the radio molding is very necessary. Especially the static modeling, in order to improve the sand pre compaction, both in the template or template frame sand tire plane around the site and sand is not easy to be firm and other parts of the installation of ventilation plug as much as possible. This is the static modeling and multi contact high-pressure molding Centrifugal Casting mold design main point of difference.
 Making static pressure molding die casting ventilation plug arrangement is shown in figure.
 Making 2) pouring exhaust high pressure molding mold side wall is no vent to the. Gas, sand core and sand casting metal liquid precipitation and gas cavity depends mainly on the parting surface and sand discharge type. In order to achieve exhaust timely, rapid and effective, the exhaust device is usually used ventilation ventilation and ventilation needle, needle and ventilation tablets combined exhaust into one device, and the exhaust riser, riser (large exhaust tablets) etc..
 Making the parting plane directly discharge gas, metal plate for general use (thickness of about 2 ~ 5mm) fit the template in the core head on or under the template plane, with screws or rivets from the front fixed. Such a structure should be reliable design of the "fire" device, to avoid the liquid metal along the core striking gap outflow and cause damage. So, don't let the gas from the parting surface is discharged directly, instead of using the gas is directed from the sub surface to the proper position with the vent needle from the top surface of the larger type discharging structure of external.
 Making the top vent is the most widely used and most effective exhaust method. With a core head, generally in the core head is provided with the vent needle. In order to avoid the liquid metal flow out along the core head clogging vents, generally use the fire tank, fire clay, asbestos rope and special asbestos gaskets, fire. At this time should be according to the fire characteristics of the right design clearance size. And the cavity (casting) exhaust directly connected parts, usually set in gas and liquid metal up and finally reach the site, such as the boss height, ribs and edge, the row
 Dual function gas device exhaust and exhaust cooling of molten iron. For ease of cleaning, the vent needle should not be here too thick, generally 6 ~ 16mm, ventilation sheet width is generally 6 ~ 10mm, with easy chipping and "not with meat" principle. The exhaust unit roots, and casting joints prone to shrinkage. So, if the processing surface should leave some allowance; if the non machined surface, should allow welding or adopt other remedial measures. The exhaust device connected with cavity is generally dark exhaust, that is not the sand zaton. In order to prevent debris (sand) into the cavity. Ventilation and ventilation needle fixation on the template of figure. But the vent needle only exhaust function,