The metal melting furnace and the centrifugal casting machine as a whole

The utility model aims at providing an improved new structure of a centrifugal casting unit which can effectively overcome the shortcomings of the prior art.

The utility model is realized as follows: it includes metal melting furnace, discharging material and pouring mechanism, centrifugal casting machine and so on. Characterized in that said metal melting furnace is arranged on a base on which a walking mechanism is mounted on a base, and a receiving hopper and a casting conduit are mounted on the base, characterized in that the left and right heads are in a conical shape, Experiments show that the cone angle is 30 ° ~ 160 °. The two left and right sides are driven by the drive mechanism to synchronize the two cones, the same direction of rotation of the motor installed in the corresponding position on the rack. On the rack below the locking seat, two locking cylinders are installed side by side.

In the production, the workpiece is loaded between the two heads, the workpiece is clamped by the propulsion cylinder, and the movable block is fixed by two locking cylinders. And then start the left and right for the simultaneous rotation of the motor to drive the left and right two cone-shaped head and the workpiece for high-speed rotation, and then by the metal melting furnace through the pipe to the metal liquid poured into the material hopper, and then through the casting pipe to metal Liquid into the high-speed rotation of the workpiece, the centrifugal casting. Melting furnace before and after walking, you can adjust the casting tube around the move, so that casting more uniform.

The utility model has the advantages and positive effects: ① The metal melting furnace and the centrifugal casting machine as a whole, so that the operation is convenient, can save time, but also to avoid the heat loss, but also improve the casting quality.

② can be used to walk the metal melting furnace, can make the operation easy, but also make casting evenly, improve product quality.

③ the use of both sides of the cone-shaped cone-shaped drive, can adapt to improve the clamping of the workpiece, can save the number of spare parts, but also improve production efficiency.

④ use the left and right two pairs of motor drive and double hydraulic cylinder lock, can make the production process firm and reliable, to avoid the production of slippery and lock is not tight.