best Centrifugal casting machine

A centrifugal casting machine includes a rotatable subassembly that has a generally planar support plate extending perpendicularly to the axis of rotation and a generally cylindrical shield portion extending from the periphery of the support plate. The shield rotates with the rotatable subassembly. A handle means slides in a track on the support plate and has a handle portion and a catch portion. 

In one position of the handle means, the catch portion engages a stop portion of the base in which the rotatable subassembly is journaled, and in the other position the catch portion does not engage the stop portion, so the rotatable subassembly can rotate freely. Winding, locking, and release can thereby all be effected by manipulation of the handle portion of the handle means.

This invention relates to an improved construction for a centrifugal casting machine such as used in casting gun tubes. It is an important object of this invention to facilitate the manufacture and maintenance of centrifugal casting or other heavy machinery of the type in which a heavy