Proposed Design of Centrifugal Casting Machine For Manufacturing Of Turbine Bearing

Abstract-  Centrifugal  Casting,  sometimes  called roto-casting  is  a  metal  casting  process  that  uses centrifugal  force  to  form  cylindrical  parts.  This paper  concerns  to  the  proposed  design  of centrifugal  casting  machine.  To  produce  turbine bearing.  

The  dimension  of  the  bearing  to  be produced  as  follows:  Length=700mm, Diameter=1200mm.  A  bearing  used  in  steam turbine  should  have  good  mechanical  properties like  strength,  stress,  wear,  rigidity  etc.  A centrifugal  casting  is  the  only  process  by  which such  type  of  heavy  axisymmetric  job  can  be produced. 

 Due  to  Centrifugal  force  (the  main aspect of centrifugal casting process), the product homogeneity  can  be  achieved  in  terms  of mechanical  properties  than  other  casting processes.  For  this,  a  special  purpose    horizontal axis centrifugal casting machine will be developed. In this paper, the proposed design and function of the components have been covered.  Keywords- Centrifugal Casting Machine(C.C. Machine), Mould,  Centrifugal  Pressure,  Vibration,  Vertical Centrifugal Casting, Horizontal Centrifugal Casting. I. INTRODUCTION   Today, casting is the sixth largest manufacturing industry in the whole world. Cast metal parts account more than 50% of the total weight of tractor and for more  than  90%  of  an  automobile  engine.  

High precision castings are used in turbine vanes and blade in  an  aircraft  jet  engine.  The  reason  for  the widespread use of casting lies wholly in its economy and time factor. In terms of time, it is the quickest method  producing  components,  as  it  fairly  easily done.  Economically,  it  is  desirable  as  machine appears  to  be  the  most  expensive  method  of producing an engineering component. Hence, without casting  automobile,  household  appliances  and machine tools would have become costlier.