Research and Application of Centrifugal Casting Machine

For the domestic large-scale rolling mill oil film bearing company's centrifugal casting machine production quality is unstable, bearing and plug contact surface alloy tear, uneven accumulation and so on, and the speed of both ends of the bearing does not match and so on. Through the multi-party research and the combination of field operation engineers and on-site technical staff of the views and suggestions, analysis and found that single-ended simulation speed drive and separation heating process is caused by the instability of the casting quality of the conclusion; 

to propose a new dual-drive frequency control, Automatic heating furnace and automatic feeding combined with a single set of complete equipment program, abandon the original analog speed, through the digital speed control to achieve different sizes of bearings in the casting process of the different requirements of speed; high-precision field bus technology and The control strategy realizes the precise synchronization of the two motors. Increasing the automatic heating furnace and automatic feeding device reduces the loss of heat energy during the casting process, improves the casting process and improves the casting quality of the product. 

Mainly from the perspective of industrial control computer applications, proposed the modern industrial control computer in the "dual drive oil film bearing centrifugal casting machine" project application. At the same time, it draws on the latest application technology and achievements of the metallurgical industry at home and abroad. On the basis of independent innovation, it integrates advanced technology, fieldbus technology and latest configuration software of industrial control computer, automatic control theory, These advanced technologies are integrated into the "dual drive oil film bearing centrifugal casting machine" equipment development and on-site commissioning. The system adopts the programmable control system (PCS) designed by the upper computer, the lower computer and the actuator. The industrial control computer, programmable logic controller, on-site implementation of this three-tier structure just with the process control all the necessary conditions, is the metallurgical automation industry, one of the best solutions. Experiments and field production run shows that the system production capacity and casting quality have been greatly improved, to achieve the desired effect of the study.